Why Choose Us?


" Simple really...  

it is all about our clients;

they are #1, not us”


 It is very easy to just 'talk' about being

experienced, professional, genuine, local knowledge, professional, award winning etc…

but much harder to ‘walk’ it. 


We can proudly say we have been 'walking that talk' everyday, together with our clients for over 34 years now and loving every minute. 



Who we are?

“As real estate agents, we prefer to fly under the radar"

"Rather than being out there singing our own praises, we just get on with it and do what it takes to make a difference for our clients, get the best result possible"


Our client's are #1, not us

Rosanne LowPix

"We understand every one of our client’s needs are different"

"People sell for a whole range of reasons and selling a home can sometimes be stressful. Absolutely everything we do is about making this journey for our clients, easy and effortless"

"Every detail is examined to ensure we do not leave anything to chance and we will not stop until we have achieved what we set out to do… the more we practice the better we get.

We take what we do seriously and feel incredibly privileged to be part of our client’s life journey.

You have our word we will always work hard, be honest and produce the best result possible. Basically, we just want to leave a trail of happiness, it is just what we are about and who we are.”

Carl and Rosanne


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